Thursday, August 7, 2014 the whole summer slips away.

Just realized I never posted about McKinley's birthday. Seeing as how there are a couple other birthdays coming up, I'd better get her on here.

My darling baby turned 9. She thinks she's all sorts of grown up and wants to be included in every grown up activity. I recently got called into the young women's program and now she wants to go to all our activities. She'll be bored of it by the time she's actually in it!

She is a spit fire, who goes her own way. She is ambitious when she wants to be and terribly stubborn. She loves to read, and read, and read. She is athletic and tall and beautiful. Let us be honest.....she terrifies me. I have no idea how to help her along the path of life because she just does her own thing. I'm so glad to call her mine, but also recognize that I need a village to raise this child. So lucky she is surrounded by lovely family who will help her along her path in life.

We didn't have a friend party this year due to some disobedience issues. Happened last year, too. I know, I'm a  horrible mother. She also happened to get strep throat again this year, a week after her birthday. Last year, it occurred on her birthday. Weird. No other times during the year. Really weird. Luckily, no one else got it.
 McKinley is not a cake girl. Love it! (I'm not either) This is one of the few times we crack out our fruit pizza making skills. She and a friend helped decorate it. They had a good time and did an excellent job.
This can't be the first selfie she's ever taken, but I don't recall any others and I think this one is super cute. She took it while man handling our camera during our huckleberry expotition. I also found a video she took. The cinematography makes you a little dizzy. And I think there is a period where she doesn't even realize she's still filming. Its kind of funny. We love you, McKinley!
Reagan's version of picking huckleberries. Silly kiddo!
 We are trying desperately to get a cute picture of Reagan while she is a young two. We have one of all our kids and we blow them up big to hang on the wall. McKinley's was taken by a friend who was an aspiring photographer. The rest have been taken by Matthew. It is very difficult to get a natural shot of a two yr old on the run, while looking incredibly cute. These are a few of our efforts.
 Hair flipped out.
 Hair curled under. I prefer it this way. But the flipped out version is a better representation of Her personality. The flipped under is her dainty, I'm so cute, version. Ugh! The flipped out is more of the early 90's mullet rocker look. Not my favorite and not how I want to remember her. Curse her selfie hair cut! Looking at these pictures makes her look like she has an alter ego version of herself. Kind of funny.
 This is titled "mom, a puppy!" She loves dogs.
 Before we got our hydroseed down, and subsequently have to water very frequently, Matthew taught the kids the fine art of sleeping in the back yard. He's been so excited to do this as it was a favorite thing for him and his brother as kids. And our backyard is fully fenced, making me feel more comfortable about it. He sleeps out with them because Reagan and Jamison are still a little young to be without adult supervision. He loves it! For a while, Reagan insisted on sleeping out as many nights as we'd permit. She thinks it's fabulous. This picture includes everyone but Gavin. He has an internal radar for Saturday morning cartoons and was already up. Jamison is under the blue camo sleeping bag and McKinley is under the solid blue. Reagan is the little blond head next to Matthew. The kids really are there....I promise.
I've realized I always blog following a night shift. I fell asleep with Reagan for several hours. Matthew woke me up to move to my own bed. And now I think its time to work. Guess I better try to sleep. I don't have a baby sitter tomorrow. Chao.

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